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The purpose of this site is to track a series of criminal and ethics complaints against numerous individuals affiliated with the University of Wisconsin System. The law appears to provide for criminal remedies to misconduct on behalf of these individuals, and ethics rules appear to provide additional remedies for any unethical behavior on the part of attorneys.

These complaints are intended to bring accountability and integrity to a culture that clearly lacks both. Civil remedies usually result in settlements that include nondisclosure and non-disparagement clauses, and these bring no accountability to the University - they are free to continue to act in exactly the same way as they did before the settlement.

The complaints found on this site have all been filed with law enforcement. In some ways they are tests of the system, and these complaints raise many questions. Do the statutes mean what they say? Are public employees required to follow the law? Will law enforcement actually enforce those laws on behalf of the people those laws are purported to protect?

And then there are the attorneys who provided counsel to all of these alleged offenders, and in some cases may have committed offenses themselves in their capacities as public employees. Will they be held accountable by law enforcement? Will the Office of Lawyer Regulation hold them accountable?

I think that the citizens of the State of Wisconsin deserve to know exactly where the lines are drawn, and by making all of this documentation available to the public, I hope that those lines will become bright and clear.

The documents, audio and commentary contained in this site are all a matter of public record.

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Criminal Complaints

2017-2018 (click blue button to see contents)
This part of the website includes criminal complaints filed with law enforcement agencies against the University and its agents, primarily related to misconduct in public office, extortion and perjury, but also violations of open meetings and open records laws (neither of which are criminal offenses). They are included here in an effort to provide maximum transparency to the process.

Ethics Complaints

2018- (click blue button to see contents)
This part of the website includes ethics complaints filed with the Wisconsin Office of Lawyer Regulation. They are included here in an effort to provide maximum transparency to the process.

Intramural Proceedings and Documentation

2001-2018 (click blue button to see table of contents)
This part of the website includes all of the documentation - written, audio and video - relating to the proceedings against Henige and ultimately leading to his unlawful dismissal. There are hundreds of documents. They also include every communication that has been submitted in evidence against Henige in "support" of the claims of the University that Henige's emails were "threatening", "intimidating" and "harassing". You can judge for yourself - they can be found under the "All My Communications" link.

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