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"We expect our professors to criticize each other, to debate, to question authority...the actions themselves fall under the realm of educational employment in a university setting...the actions themselves, the actions of criticizing, debating, and questioning authority do serve a legitimate purpose...". [Zeke Wiedenfeld, Court Commissioner, Walworth County Circuit Court]

My name is Chris Henige. I have taught art history at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater since 2001.

The purpose of this site is to provide all of the documentation associated with my experiences at the university starting in 2012 and carrying through to the present day. I will be starting with the current and moving backward through time, and more materials will continue to appear on this site over time.

The documents, audio and commentary contained in this site are all a matter of public record.

Persons mentioned: Beverley Kopper, Richard Telfer, Susan Elrod, John Stone, Mark McPhail, Robert Mertens, Eileen Hayes, Judi Trampf, Matthew Kiederlen, Sara Kuhl, David Munro, James Hartwick, James Bronson, Frank Goza, Richard Thal, Shannon Bradbury, Penny Portman, Bob Horton, Anne Stinson, William Skelly, Greg Valde, Hephzibah Kumpaty, John McGuigan, Richard Mason, Kathy Brady, Myung Hee Chung, Leon Arriola, Jessical Lathrop, Paige Reed, Anne Bilder, Matthew Lind, Elizabeth Olson, Robert Leitheiser, Tony Gulig, Alvaro Taveira, Karen Weston, Donna McGee, J. Michael Alsen, Greg Cook, Denis Dale, Michael Flanagan, Renee Melton, Susan Messer, Dan McGuire, Teri Frame, Jared Janovec, Max White, BethAnn Moran-Handzlik.

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Intramural Proceedings and Documentation

2001-2018 (click blue button to see table of contents)
This part of the website includes all of the documentation - written, audio and video - relating to the proceedings against Henige and ultimately leading to his unlawful dismissal. There are hundreds of documents. They also include every communication that has been submitted in evidence against Henige in "support" of the claims of the University that Henige's emails were "threatening", "intimidating" and "harassing". The can be found under the "All My Communications" link.

Extramural Proceedings in the Courts

2001-2018 (click blue button to see contents)
This part of the website includes legal filings on behalf of both parties in an effort to provide maximum transparency to the process.

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